GPP (General Physical Preparedness) 1.0:

What the heck is GPP and how could you benefit from it?

GPP is your level of General Physical Preparedness. Preparedness for what, you might ask? To handle whatever life throws at you.

Your level of general physical preparedness it the thing that allows you to continue to do the things that you love doing- mountain biking, running, snowboarding, hiking, play with your kids, etc. It’s the thing that allows you to do your job or to try new things whenever the opportunity to do them comes up unexpectedly. It’s the thing that allows you to do the things that you do without thinking about them day to day like carrying in your groceries, hanging the laundry, or doing some gardening.

GPP is for everyone, whether you’ve been in the gym for quite some time or you’re completely new to this game and looking for a comprehensive program that will develop a variety of skills and traits for you to take into and experience the world with.

What do you get from joining up with the program?

You get to be a part of a community, that’s right, there will be a live community of people just like yourself that are committed to change up on facebook. Not only will you get to interact with those people but you’ll also get interaction from a coach.

Each month you’ll get a program released to you to follow along with and complete all while tracking and monitoring your progress. You’ll get access to an app and an extensive video library detailing each exercise of each program and you’ll get additional tips and info along the way. And you’ll get additional feedback on the movements that you are performing.

If you’re ready to get stuck in and start changing your life- to learn, have fun, and make some progress along the way click the link below and contact us today.

Price – $20/month