Individual Program Design 101

Let’s get personal.

Optimal results require a program that is tailored to you. At Ascent we build the program and you get to work crushing your goals.


For Completely Individualized programming that will meet you where you’re at and progress as you do.

How it works:

  1. Get in contact with Ascent Strength
  2. Meet your Coach with a Video Call: This 30 minute Video Meeting will be used to set your goals, go over your training schedule, and identify your own individual needs.
  3. Detailed Testing For Detailed Training: Once we have your goals, we’ll send you a comprehensive set of tests to perform that we will re-test throughout your training cycles to ensure that you are making progress.
  4. Start Training: Long gone are the days of receiving your program via an excel template. You’ll receive your completely individualize program through an app on your phone.
  5. Keep in touch: You’ll have access to your coach to keep the conversation going. With messaging, video analysis, and monthly video calls we’ll be there to help keep you focused and progressing towards your goals.
  6. Build the kind of body that can handle whatever life throws at it: It’s time to crush your goals.
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