Have you ever found yourself in some sort of movement practice; whether it be in the gym, doing yoga, dancing, gymnastics, or playing a specific sport, where you had an ‘aha’ moment?

Y’know what I’m talking about? That “aha” moment where something clicked and you found out that you were stronger, more resilient, more capable than you ever imagined. That moment when the movement that you were practicing finally felt “right” or someone described a portion of the movement in a way that you had never heard before and suddenly it all made sense.

Maybe it was while you we’re going working on your squat technique or maybe it was while you were trying to get your first muscle-up? It might have been while you were performing the movement or it might have been something that someone said to you that finally made everything click together. You might have been trying to add your own style to the way that a movement is performed. Regardless of what it was, if you’ve had that moment you’ll be able to think back to it.

What does that tell you about movement?

Whether we’re going out for a run, attending a yoga class, going for a new personal record on a squat, in the midst of a massive chipper in a crossfit class, or going for a swim out in the ocean, each time we partake in some form of movement practice we have the opportunity to learn something about ourselves. There is a massive opportunity for us to cultivate some form of creativity and mindfulness into our movement practice. And in doing so we have the opportunity to learn something about ourselves and express ourselves in a way that we never quite new that we could before.

Anytime that we move we have the opportunity to cultivate this sort of mindfulness – where we pay attention and be present – into our practice. So, show up and be present. You’d be surprised what you might find out about yourself.



Day 1

A. Overhead Squat: 4 x 5 @ 75% 1RM or RPE 8 @ 2,2,1,1

B. Romanian Deadlift: 4 x 6 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

C. I) Incline Grip Bench Press- 3 x 5 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

II) Bent Over Barbell Row (Supinated Grip)- 3 x 7 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

D) Face Pull- 3 x 8 @ Rpe7 @ 1,1,1,1

Day 2

A) I. Push Press- 4 x 4 @ 82.5%1RM or 8/10RPE @ 1,1,1,1

II. Chest to bar pull-up (strict)- 4×5 @ 1,2,1,1

B) 5 Rounds (Not For Time)

C) I. Ring (Or Parallel Bar) Support Dip Hold- 4 x 20-30s

II. Ring row support hold- 4 x 20-30s

*Note* Pull your elbows back until the rings touch your chest and hold this position

D) Single arm overhead dumbbell carry- 3 x 50m/side @ rpe 8

Day 3

A) Conventional Deadlift- 4 x 4 @ 80% @ 1,1,1,1 *reset each rep (no touch-n-go)

B) I. Reverse Lunge- 3 x 5/leg @ rpe 8 @ 1,1,1,1

II. Single Leg Glute Bridge- 3 x 30s hold/leg

C) 12min AMRAP

I. Sled Push-50m @ rpe 8

II. Farmers Carry-100m @ rpe 8

III. Sled Pull- 50m @ rpe 8