We’ve all heard the saying before that hard work pays off. But, what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when everything that we were working towards comes crashing down? What happens when we don’t end up achieving that thing that we were working so hard for in the first place? What happens when, despite our best efforts, life has alternative plans for us?

We grow.

When most of us set out on our lofty quest of achieving a specific goal some of us do so without realizing that that goal that we seek to accomplish is often some form of an outcome related goal.

Outcome goals, simply put, are the big picture goals i.e. losing 5kg, back squatting 1.5-2x your body weight, completing the workout Fran in under 5 minutes, running a half marathon in a specified amount of time, getting drafted by a team, winning the crossfit games, or completing an outdoor obstacle course.

Here is the thing about outcome goals that we often overlook- they are out of our control. We can’t specifically control whether we’ll end up squatting that 1.5-2x body weight, running that marathon, or getting drafted by a football team. As terrible as it may be to think, there may be a possibility that we develop some form of disease or get in an accident that could leave us paralyzed from the waist down. Which would render us not able to accomplish such a task.

Now that doesn’t mean that we should abandon all hope of ever accomplishing a specific outcome or task. What it means is that we should look at what we can control.

Process goals specify the behaviors which an individual will engage in in order to bring about their desired outcome. The behaviors are the actions, choices, and decisions that we take and make to bring about desired outcomes. These are the things that are within our control. Things like consistency, effort, and focus are all behaviors that we can control and by doing so they can greatly impact our chances of achieving that outcome goal that we originally had put in place.

However, as we hinted at earlier in this post. Today we’re looking at what happens when we show up consistently, pay attention, and give our greatest effort that we possibly could and still end up not achieving that desired outcome that we had.

As we eluded to earlier, we grow. When we’re completely focused on the outcome it becomes easy to forget about the process that is currently unfolding and taking us there. For some, the goal of squatting 1.5-2x body weight might require showing up and following a specific program coupled with refining their technique, giving their best effort every training session and hitting either the prescribed loads or intensities, all while making sure that they are staying on top of their mobility drills and that they are taking the time to recover properly between each training session. But, what happens when you diligently show up every single day and you come up short when you go to test that back squat? What happens if you get injured in the process of developing that heavy of a back squat? You end up picking up the tools that transfer over to the rest of your life.

Training is nothing more than preparation, not just for competition success, but more importantly, for the many challenges and opportunities that life will present over the course of our lifetime. These opportunities and challenges are the things that are often not in our control, however, because we’ve spent the time preparing for these things we will be more equipped to handle them when they come along.

All of that discipline, effort, consistency, and focus that you developed along your journey will provide you with the skill set that you will need in order to face the opportunities and challenges that life throws at you. So, regardless of whether you accomplish the task you had in mind or you come up short, you’re still developing the skills to let you take a crack at that thing again or to move into the opportunities that life is presenting you with. You’re still growing.



Day 1

A. Front Squat: 4 x 4 @ 80% 1RM or RPE 8 @ 2,2,1,1

B. Romanian Deadlift: 4 x 6 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

C. I) Close Grip Bench Press- 3 x 5 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

II) Bent Over Barbell Row (Supinated Grip)- 3 x 7 @ RPE 8 @ 3,2,1,1

D) Face Pull- 3 x 8 @ Rpe7 @ 1,1,1,1

Day 2

A) I. Push Press- 4 x 5 @ 80%1RM or 8/10RPE @ 1,1,1,1

II. Chest to bar pull-up (strict)- 4×5 @ 1,2,1,1

B) I. Reverse Lunge- 3 x 6/leg @ RPE 8 @ 2,2,1,1

II. Single Leg Glute Bridge- 3 x 6/leg @ rpe 8 @ 1,2,1,1

C) Suitcase Carry- 3 x 40m/side @ rpe 8

Day 3

A) Conventional Deadlift- 4 x 4 @ 80% @ 1,1,1,1 *reset each rep (no touch-n-go)

B) Single Leg Romanian Deadlift- 3 x 6/leg @ rpe 8 @ 2,2,1,1

C) I. Ring (Or Parallel Bar) Support Dip Hold- 4 x 20-30s

II. Ring row support hold- 4 x 20-30s

*Note* Pull your elbows back until the rings touch your chest and hold this position

III. Hollow Hold- 4 x 30s